Our Activities

We were earning living the beneficiary women are trained in various so that they may take up various income generating activities like.

List of Activities  
  1. Promoting women’s economic, leadership and professional growth.
  2. Serving as an advocate to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunities for women in business.
  3. Encouraging the expansion of women owned businesses in Dhaka.
  4. Designing and implementing initiatives to assist women become economically independent.
  5. Assist women manufactures with promotion, marketing, product placement.
  6. Providing skills training and job mentoring for disadvantaged women.
  7. Stimulating the increase of employment opportunities for women.
  8. ICT Training
  9. Tailoring
  10. Embroidery
  11. Hand Made Flower
  12. Handicrafts
  13. Cattle & Poultry Rearing
  14. Food Processing
  15. Cooking
  16. Family Planning
  17. Personal hygiene
  18. Micro Credit
  19. Jewelry-Silver-Clay
  20. Home textile
  21. Wooden Handicrafts
  22. Fashion Design
  23. Beautification
  24. Block Printing & Tai Dai
  25. Computer Training & Office Management
  26. Banking etc.

Other living training Chamber also provides training on various social issues so that a women is aware of her rights and can play a constructive role in the society.