Mission & Vision

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Together we march forward for a Professional & Intellectual Team of women leaders for Progressive Bangladesh.

On the onset of our journey we are pledge bound to attain economic solvency, freedom from the clutches of darkens and entering into the Light Zone by reaching the STAR.



Establishment of Research Centre for Women (Nari Unnayan Gobeshona Kendro)

Empowering women professionally. Creating job opportunities, helping women to setup their own business, advancement promoting business, industrial growth, and infrastructural development. Focus on climate changes, echo-friendly environment, and promotion of bi-lateral trade issue.

Promote mentoring and training of young women entrepreneurs in the creation of enterprise and the accompaniment of their start ups.

Favour the access of women to appropriate financial tools, credit and financial resources for enterprise creation and development.

Reinforce lobbying and advocacy for capacity building for women entrepreneurs.

Promote women’s entry into and the creation of Green Enterprise, in particular sustainable businesses that are based on transfer of technology and know-how and that protect the environment and promote quality of life.

Build women entrepreneurs’ capacity for international trade in products and services including access to markets, international quality standards.

Dhaka Women Chamber (DWCCI) will do everything that may be conductive to the extension & promotion of trade, commerce, industry, science, technology, service etc. between women entrepreneurs.